Animation workshop #1: roboBall

You can download the roboBall rig here

Finished Product (1.5mb with sound):

Click the image to the left to see the final product that the video tutorials below describe how to achieve.

Part 1: Animation (1 hour -- 209mb):

This 1 hour long video tutorial covers the entire animation process for the shot, from start to finish. You'll need an .flv player to watch it (.flv was the only format that seemed to be able to get this video's filesize down, while the other videos use the techsmith codec). You can find a free .flv player here: FLV Player

To view a playblast of the completed animation, click here.

I should also note, there are a couple sections of the video where I complete some rather repetitive tasks (like animating all of the footsteps), that I've sped up so you don't have to sit through 20 extra minutes of monotony :)

Part 2: Shading (20 mins -- 120mb):

This video tutorial covers basic shader/texture setup, as well as basic lighting.

Part 3: Rendering (10 mins -- 70mb):

This video tutorial discusses how to setup basic renderpasses, including a diffuse pass, an ambient occlusion pass, and a specular pass.

Part 4: Compositing (12 mins -- 75mb):

This video tutorial covers basic layer compositing, as we polish the look of the final animation in Adobe After Effects and bring this project to a close.