All images and animations were made using 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, Premiere and AfterEffects, and are copyright (c) Tyson Ibele 2010 (unless otherwise noted).

*The lowmax rig was created by Peter Starostin


***NOTE*** To avoid problems with choppy playback, or streaming errors (such as an incomplete download) when playing files with the ".mpg" extension, right-click and "save target as", and then playback the videos from your harddrive using Windows Media Player. The same also goes for most of the quicktime files, since for some reason some of them will not download fully when streamed.

Projects completed in 2011:
Projects completed in 2010:

Here's a short reel featuring a bunch of projects I worked on in 2010 and earlier. Song is James Bond by Haezer.

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Here's my entry to the CGTalk FXWars challenge entitled "Flamethrower". More info about the creation process of this piece can be found here.

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Projects completed in 2009:
Clips from various projects completed in the last year. Note: vehicles (excluding the sub) were not modelled by me. Music by Imogen Heap.




Here is my film Hemlock, which recently won the grand prize in the latest CGSociety challenge! It was created by me over a period of 3 months. Usually I link straight to the video file for the animations in my gallery, but because this film is nearly 4 minutes long, I'm going to link to a streaming (high-quality) version of the film over on people don't have to wait for a 150mb file to download. So, here's the link:


Projects completed in 2008:  
Here's a short visual effect shot I made just for the fun of it. Essentially, a giant walking effigy roaming through a forest. The footage was purchased from A short exercise completed for the simplycg "hot potatoe" challenge, where the idea was to animate some kind of action that passes a red ball from screen left to screen right.

A logo I made for MAKE, simulating an essembly-line type scenario.

Here is a short film I created for the CGSociety Uplift Universe challenge. You can view a trailer of the film, as well as a "making of" video here.

Warning: the film contains some graphic content.

A short spec I did for Jeep last year that I forgot to post. A short animation for a pickup truck I did last year that I forgot to post.
A logo animation I created for MAKE with the infamous PSA chipmunks. Andrew Chesworth did audio. A logo animation I created for MAKE with the Glumpers. Steve Horner did audio.
Here is the end result of these video tutorials I made. An animation I did, that was originally supposed to be accompanied by a "making of" video tutorial....but after I finished recording I found that the audio didn't come through :( no tutorial...but you get to see the end result.
Projects completed in 2007:  
The Glumpers cool off at the pool side. This was created at MAKE and the official website for the Glumpers is This is my entry for the 11secondclub's December challenge :)
A test animation for a robotic vehicle that will be present in a short film I'm working on..... Dudd experiments with Booker's new invention, with surprising results. This was created at MAKE and the official website for the Glumpers is

An animation made for a recent challenge entitled "Transformers".

Inspired by a painting created by Michael Kutsche.

Update: a version of the animation with a brand new audio track, designed by Mikkel Nielsen, is available here!

Check out this fake ad I made about a mouse with a common medical condition.
Oh look at the delicious food!!! A lesson on littering created at MAKE. is the official site :)

Oh look at the delicious cigarette!!! A lesson on smoking created at MAKE. is the official site :)

*NOTE: apparantly this video was getting too much traffic from the .mov file on my webserver, so I'm having to link to the youtube version now. Sorry for the quality loss because of it :(

Projects completed in 2006:  
A short dialogue animation using a clip from Seinfeld.  
Check out this spot we made at MAKE for Home Depot's Holiday website. The team who worked on it consisted of Zach Mandt, Aaron Quist, Danny Robashkin, Andrew Chesworth and myself. I made this animation for a mini-challenge at The idea was to create a rube-goldberb machine using only simulated dynamics. Therefore, all the animation you see here was created with 3dsMax's Reactor. It was rendered with the Scanline renderer, and composited in After Effects.
Shamelss visual effects explosion sequence. Made for a SimplyCG minichallenge, wherein the theme was to create an animation involving dirt. Everything moving is CG (birds, debris etc), everything still is from a photograph (landscape, shanty, car). This was a compositing test I did based on an inspiration painting I found here. The environment was created using low-poly geometry and projected photos. Vray was used to render the ships, and the scanline renderer was used for everything else. Smoke is Afterburn, and the snow is PFlow. Took about 8 hours to make in total.
A personal animation lip sync test. Tried to give this one a bit of an eerie feel. Once again, rendered with VRay and animated with the lowMax rig. My entry to the "Fire" challenge at, as well as August 06's 10secondclub contest.

This was an in-house spec ad we created for Converse. Zach and I both worked on this one.

A small lipsync/acting test I did for fun using the lowMax rig and VRay.

This was our entry to the Firefox advertising challenge. Came in 4th place overall out of 280 entries.

Credit goes to Zach Mandt (for environment modelling), Danny Robashkin (for compositing), Stever Horner (for music) and everything else done by myself.

Here's another fun 2d style animation I did a while back, that I forgot to upload until now :)
Seen the Guinness commercials? This is my attempt at that animation style (ie...cut-outs) Another 2d-style animation...who'd have guessed?!?!

Here's a short 2d/3d-ish Nike spec I did here at work to experiment with a different rendering style.

A fake Pringles ad made to further test the 2d capabilities of 3d Studio Max.

All elements are simply extruded splines.

Projects completed in 2005:  

Here's a short animation I made in "2.5D"...a bit of 2d...and bit of get the idea :)

The character was inspired by a T-Shirt design entitled "rocketbird" by Mike Mitchell

Here's another 2d-style animation I did.

The backdrop was made in Photoshop, the rest was made using 3dsmax and After effects. Sound clip is from an old "Bosco" commercial.

Here's the first animation I've completed using the "kid" character I made. The sound clip is from Home Alone. Here's a second animation I've completed with my "kid" character. Hope you like it! The sound clip is from "The Princess Bride"
Here's another spec/effects spot I did using several Sony products that transform into each other. Here was a spec/effects spot I did using a John Deere combine and some cool cloth effects.

Here was my (and Danny Robashkin's) entry to the "Big Freeze" FX Wars challenge at cgtalk.

I was in charge of: helicopter animation, oilrig matte painting/compositing, dock break-up/crash, camera animation, and sound effects

Danny was in charge of: water, volumetrics, extra dock-crash particles (any of the small ones you see), and final layout compositing

Here was an animation test I did using a hand model that I was provided with, which I then rigged/textured/animated/composited into this picture I took. Pretty self-explanatory...but fun to do nonetheless :)

Once again...a very short effects shot which features a flock of doves lifting the leaning tower of pisa before it topples over. Please note that the shot ends abruptly simply because it was only ever intended to be 3 seconds long....which means it doesn't really stand very well on its own....but I figured I'd post it anyways. Also....shot 1 is completely CG, but shot 2 was composited on top of the background image you see here (so the tower and trees are CG, but the cathedral in the background is not).

Here's an explosion animation I made as a small project using Afterburn.

There are some issues with the particles during the actual explosion bit (that I might go back and work on some day)...but overall I think it looks pretty good.

This animation was made in 3 hours for a minichallenge we had over at the simplycg forums. The theme was "worst accidents" and the title of my animation is "Why mimes shouldn't play in the street". You'll need to watch it with your speakers on in order to full understand the joke :) This is a short animation I made following the spider/fly animation. Originally this spot only consisted of one shot...but later we decided that I would incorporate a "parachute finale". Credit goes to Danny Robashkin for help with the volumetric effects.
This was the first official project I completed here at my new job. Pretty short, pretty self-explanatory. Credit goes to Danny Robashkin for help with post DOF effects. On my first day here at MAKE, I had some time to fool I came up with this....just a quick lip-syncing test with one of my favourite animated characters of all time.
Here's a little rocket animation I made today. Took me about 5 hours in total....and it was made just for fun :) Here is my final car crash animation, that was entered into one of cgtalk's "FX Wars" challenges. Took about 3 weeks to make, and at this point I'm happy with the result (despite the fact that there are about a billion things that could be improved if I had more time to work on it hehe). Quicktime version here. Please note that I did not make the car model myself
Good ol' cgtalk had an animation session entitled "Circus Auditions". Here's my entry. As you can see, my situation involved a "high diving" act. You can see my progress here, here and here. Note that I changed the mood of the character on the diving board from hippity-hoppity to scared, midway through the challenge :) This is my first entry to a 10 second club challenge! It was a lot of fun to do, and helped me work on my lip sync. You can see my progress here and here. Notice that in the final comp I turned the surgeon around, so that he was less distracting.

Here's test #2 for the car crash challenge. I made this to see if I could use the same method for rigid body deformations (seen in the animation to the right) to simulate a car crash on a much higher-poly car. I think it turned out quite well (don't comment on the abrupt halt of the tire at the end though...heh heh). Also...take note that the car model is not mine.

Cgtalk is having another VFX challenge...this one's entitled "Car Crash". Here is a preliminary test for my entry, which I used to determine if I could pull off rigid body deformations using nothing but reactor. ...turns out I can :)
This is the first lip-sync animation that I've completed (using a character I recently made). Please go easy on it, as I'm still working on getting the right mouth movements down! The facial rig is using the same bone setup that is described in this tutorial I wrote. Well, I wanted to see if I could rig and animate a slug-type this is what I came up with :)
School is out, and I had some free time, so I made this animation (because it's spring and there are sparrows everywhere). Everything you see was made in 1 day. (You'll need Divx to view) Another animation challenge over at the3dstudio was themed "jump" this is what I came up with.
An animation by Carlos Baena inspired me to do this. This animation was made for an animation challenge over at the3dstudio. The theme was "heavy lifting".
This is a short animation I made using some models created by a friend of mine (Olivier Archer). Make sure you watch it with sound! Here is an animation test/promo for an indie horror film I'm working on. The character I'm working on is an evil jack-in-the-box. Make sure you turn your speakers on! A hi-res version can be found here.
Projects completed in 2004:  
Here's an animation I made for a cgtalk animation session. The theme was "action cut", where a character reacts to something offscreen that is revealed later. Our animations could not exceed 100 frames. You can download the playblast here. A quick animation test using the helicopter I made. Make sure to turn on your speakers!
A fly-through animation of my Machineflesh model. An example of home-video style, shaky camera movement.
Well, a good friend of mine wanted me to animate a living blob of peanut butter she saw animated in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup I added a little lego girl to the cast of characters and threw this together for her. Another totally random animation of mine. The background is procedural.
Came up with this explosion after playing with Afterburn and its explode daemons for a while. A fracture explosion made with Particle Flow. The nice thing about Particle Flow is that you can simulate particle deflection much more realistically than with regular particle systems.
Another entry for an animation session over at You can click on the image above for a DivX version with motion blur, or you can click here for a slightly smaller quicktime version without motion blur. Well, I had a boring afternoon to blow, so I figured I'd practice my camera match skills. Here's what I came up with. The model is based on those little desktop-pendulum toys you can buy in novelty shops.
Inspired by Allan McKay's work, this is a particle dispersion test I made today. It uses a simple setup with particles only (no afterburn). This is something I made for an animation session over at Took me about 2 hours in total.
This is a quick smoke test I made using standard Max particles and Afterburn. A couple of wind spacewarps with turbulence applied give the smoke that nice whispy look.  
Projects completed in 2003:  
Another animation test for my short film, this time with the ogre. Now that I look back on it, I see some problems with the weighting, but I don't feel like going back and fixing it. Here was the first animation test I completed with the dinosaur model I made for my short film "The Beast Within". Just a quick test to show basic motion.

Short Films

Films completed in 2004:
The Beast Within is online! Click on the image to download the movie. This film won awards for Special Effects and Sound at the 32nd annual Charlie Awards, and was made by me when I was in the 11th grade.

Old Junk:


(Note...EVERYTHING below was made between 2001 and 2004...please don't take it seriously because it's just really old stuff of mine that I've not bothered to take off the site :)

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