Bean Boy


Bean Boy is a simple, addictive game I’ve created for iOS and Android.

In it, you must help a small, squishy boy fulfill his dreams of reaching the stars.

You can watch some teaser footage of gameplay below!


  1. In Bean Boy, If there is an IAP for stars say for $0.99 you get some 1000 stars and 4.99 500 stars. Monetization would be really high. !!!

  2. I’m a player from China.I really love this game,especially the music.Would it be possible for you to tell me what there names are or will you please send the clips to my email.Thanks a lot.

    • Hey,

      All the music in the game is composed of royalty-free tracks from

      Within the game, if you click the info icon on the main menu (the circle with the horizontal lines in it), you can see a list of the artists’ names that you can search for on to find more of their work :)

      • Got it,thanks a lot.Wish you have more excellent work like this.And I fond only bean boy and jungle moose is available in AppStore here in chine.Whitch means there is a big potential here in Chinese market and more people likely want to share whith your brilliant work.Wish you consider about it.

  3. Hi,
    Nice game i saw it on my friend mobile really great game play so could you tell me which game engine did you use

  4. Nice gameplay mate! Just reviewed Bean Boy and I’m impressed by your whole star collecting, conversion and collecting again idea during climbs and falls. It really keeps you motivated to try again because you know that you have great chances of beating your previous run! Keep it up Tyson!

  5. What a great game, nice relaxing music and a simple, pleasurable game to play. My choice of game to unwind with. Although, when bean boy falls, I do feel somewhat guilty that I couldn’t help him reach his dream

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  7. Hello, this game is amazing! I’m wondering what the world record of height is in this game.

  8. Hi! I just love this game ! But I was wondering if you could add three things( there are just suggestions but it will better I think) : ♦the possibility to see the the ranking(the 50th first and us) ♦some achievements ♦the possibility to customize your bean boy. I think lots of people wants the same. Thank you!!

  9. Hi!
    Bean boy is an amazing game. Me and my nephew have so much fun playing with it!

    But, I can’t play the game after the ios 9 update. The game controls don’t work and everything seems like slo-mo. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but still having the same issue.

    Could you please optimize the game for ios9 so it can be playable again.
    Thank you.

  10. As a lover of astronomy and cosmology i absolutely love this game!!! Sooo much fun!!! I am fighting to be #1 in the world lol, was 4th today (best so far). Bean boy is adorable!! Excellent work :) cant wait to see how far up into space ill get!

  11. I am the no 1 in this game can I have a reward

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  22. Me and my son play the game and it’s amazing

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