Cluster Attach


Cluster Attach is a script for 3d Studio Max that can attach multiple objects together much faster than built-in methods. If you ever find yourself waiting long periods of time for Max to finish attaching a large number of objects together, try using Cluster Attach instead.

Click here to download Cluster Attach.



  1. This is a perfect script, but i’m trying to do this automatically for every layer. Could you point me into the right direction for this.

  2. this is the fastest attaching script ever
    compared with 3 other script on 400 heavy object
    max default :238 sec
    first script (object attacher) : 55 sec
    2nd script (quick attach ) : 22 sec
    your cluster attach script : 8 sec !!!!! Amazing
    is there any way to somehow inverse that to detach all element in same time ??

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