If you’ve come here from my Instagram page looking for more information about tyFlow, well…my Instagram is currently where I post all the most recent test renders and information related to development. If you’ve come here wondering what happened to Zombox development, tyFlow is the reason I’ve been on a game development hiatus for the last while. If you’re wondering what tyFlow is, check out this cgPress article for a little more info.

To check out some stuff made with tyFlow, check out @_tyflow_ on Instagram, or @makegallery.

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  1. Dude. I will buy this. Bout time someone made this as awesome as it could be. Looking forward to supporting you! Hope Autodesk gives you a fat ass paycheck and integrates this shit!

  2. This is one of the most exciting Max related pieces of news in years!! It’s been tough watching other software packages improve in this area for so long. I was tempted to move away from Max many times but stuck it out! Congrats and can’t wait to try it.

  3. Bertil Butturini

    I’ll most probably buy it!! :-) hope that autodesk integrates it… when ever will be ready it will be cool to have some tutorials with it.
    Good job!!

  4. How much will the plugin cost?

  5. How’re things looking for release timing?
    I’m SUPER anxious to pick this up (could use it right now, actually).
    While I agree that it’d be great to see this integrated natively into Max, I selfishly would rather pay to have it as a stand-alone NOW, than to wait forever to see an Autodesk implementation.

  6. cant wait to buy it.

  7. My biggest hope – it is not going to be in subscription model.

  8. My biggest hope is that it will simply be available whatever the payment scheme.

  9. Hey Tyson, this is looking awesome. Following your instagram but its been a while since you posted any updates… I hope the project is still going strong and you are planning to unleash this beast into the wild once it s ready?

  10. please we need this to resurrect the 3ds MAX.

  11. OMG, can I be beta tester for tyflow?
    What nda do I need to sign or sell my soul for this? I need this badly right now. Seriously, please let me help you develop this mind-blowing system, I’m into a lot of industrial and advertising projects and almost all would benefit from tyflow.

  12. Looks amazing, been following your instagram for a while now, any info on a release date?

  13. amazing achievement ,it will be great to know when is the release date.

    Good luck

  14. STOP TEASING US MAN, glad to see you creating new stuff :)

  15. When do you release?
    I will always buy when it comes out.

  16. Awesome! Please release it…even an alpha version.I would buy it the second you release it!

  17. Palmer Eldritch

    I feel lucky I just bumped into this. I cannot imagine having to suffer the teaser for all these months as many others have. this feels like bringing most of the old ICE functionality (along with the grain solver) inside Max. the edge-bundling /Frei-Otto example nearly gave me a yale rush … fascinating ! As stated above, I wouldn’t mind the buggiest Alpha as this the single most exciting contraption for Maxers. Please … an ETA … if even if it’s a false ETA …. Pretty please …

  18. WOW! this looks incredible. Great work

  19. Youre so mean, showing stuff like this to Max users and leaving them with no chance to experience it, at least tell us whats your plan? Is this comin out? Whats on your mind?
    Great work by the way

  20. just amazing! I cannot wait any longer!

  21. Can’t wait to buy this masterpiece plugin.

  22. release it please

  23. when is release of public beta… I like pflow not thinking particles

  24. Hello, and bravo about your amazing work for PyFlow !!!! Any news about the release ? Please, keep going ! You know about what you do it’s very, very important for all user of 3dsmax. Once again thanks you so much !

  25. Carlos Enrique Pérez Moreno

    Donde lo puedo comprar?


  27. sadly getting error 127 with max 2017
    tried reinstalling all c++ runtimes with no luck

  28. Wrap me one pack of this miracle thing!
    Thank you very much for your work. This is an incredible tool. this is what was missing.

  29. Fouda Ngah Roland

    Félicitations pour votre travail. Particle flow avait grand besoin d’un toilettage à fond. Nous attendons la date de sortie pour l’acheter et vous soutenir.

  30. Hello, i am new to tyflow but not to pflow, i was very exited to try tyflow but i went into a wall : i create a tyflow , i create a tyflow icon i open editor create a simple birth (0,0, 200 particles), put the display in display geometry, add a position object under birth, select my tyIcon, add a shape (3d cubes) under position object, run the timeline but no particles showing, iam running win7 64 bits on an old Asus rampage with 12 gigs ram , a geForce 250 as graphic card, i was wondering if it is a hardware issue. The latest drivers from nvidia are from 2016. I run 3dsmax 2018 (student version).

  31. Sleeping evil now have been get up! because of TYflow… I’m very happy because I allways believed one day everybody will use 3ds Max.. And all the old users will come back to their home (3Ds Max) congratulations!

  32. Christopher L Tedin

    This looks awesome. 3ds max is more alive than ever, imho.

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